The Intention

The intention behind the community offerings of Rancho Luz is to provide a safe-haven for the global community of high vibrational beings living intentional realities. Alongside our eclectic array of daily, inspirational yoga and meditation classes, we hold open space for group Sadhana (daily practice),  self-expression sessions for our community teachers and hourly space rental for anyone who feels inspired to share their conscious offering! CONTACT US for more information on space rental.

The Concept

Rancho Luz “the lighthouse” is the name of our spacious open air yoga studio located on the border of the beach refuge of Playa Guiones, Nosara. Steps from the surf, the concept of Rancho Luz was birthed from the highest state of bliss, known as “Sahej”, that is experienced from the synergistic relationship of combining surfing and yoga. To accommodate this vision, Rancho Luz offers access to our exclusive beach trail which affords both time and space to indulge in your daily practice of land and sea. The soft jungle trail that connects Rancho Luz to Mother Ocean is an invitation to connect to the earth as you mindfully wind through the pristine flora and fauna of this protective blue zone. Return from the beach to outdoor showers with complimentary towel use and surfboard racks. Sustainable concepts abound with convenient bicycle parking, recycled grey water and compostable toilets. Refuel with high vibrational foods at Buena Vibra Cafe located at our sister property KayaSol Surf Hotel offering Naked Foods grab and go elixers and other raw delectables as well as reusable stainless steel water bottles available for purchase to use with our gratuitous filtered water.

The Design

Rancho Luz is over 1,800 ft with capacity for 45 mats. It’s open-air design, native to our region, was built with sustainable hard-wood teak floors and a natural palm-frawn roof by Nosara’s foremost expert in Rancho construction: Señor Don Julio. The octagon shape constructed with 8 columns (the symbol of infinity) is revered throughout spiritual beliefs and said to represent the fully aware human: invoking the ultimate balance between material & spiritual, inhalation & exhalation and the fixed male & mutable female. It invites a more conscious being who has already raised their vibration with a healthier lifestyle and activates new energy of the 4th and 5th dimensions. More elevated dimensions = more rapidly vibrating energy. The interplay between the octagon support and the cone roof creates a transitional dance between earth and heaven. Archetypes characterized by this symbol include Merlin, Mohammed, Archangel Michael and Jesus.

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